No Beer, No Dad

by Blowout

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Kai Haynes
Kai Haynes thumbnail
Kai Haynes Was turned on to Blowout by a friend who lives in Portland. What an awesome band. Beautifully haunting vocals, great instrumentation, just all around: great. Hope I can make it to see them live sometime soon. Favorite track: Thrashy.
Taylor Jay
Taylor Jay thumbnail
Taylor Jay listen to blowout, do not miss them live \(^o^)/ Favorite track: 1 I Want.
Russ thumbnail
Russ Wow, just wow. Favorite track: Guts Grown Up.
Devin Williams
Devin Williams thumbnail
Devin Williams I love this album Favorite track: Guts Grown Up.
Travis Button
Travis Button thumbnail
Travis Button This entire album rocks my socks off. Enjoy it even more by following along with the lyrics and you really gain a deeper understanding where these songs are coming from. RIP Blowout, I love you! Favorite track: Cents Cents Money Money.
Jesse thumbnail
Jesse Messy, boisterous, beer-drenched, and coed - basically, the party you once always aspired to incite. Favorite track: Indiana.
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released August 5, 2016

Recorded by Matt Thompson at Ivy League Recording.
Mastered by Sam Pura of Panda Studios.



all rights reserved


blowout Portland, Oregon

laken wright- bass,vox
travis king- guitar
brennan facchino - guitar
nick everett- drums

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Track Name: Cents Cents Money Money
Cut it out, I can’t be the one you want me to
because i’m nothing like you
And we’ll go on and on and on again, on and on
You might as well say “Bah bah bah bah bah”
You’ve been talking, I just want to go home
My words mean nothing to you when you’re dressed like that
Maybe I’ll get a job someday,
maybe I’ll find the words to say
Maybe I’ll get a job someday,
maybe I’ll stop by
Maybe I won’t smoke as much or
drink as much or give a fuck
Oh no, and I, I’m not just like your type
Track Name: Indiana
I don't know why, he sticks by my side,
but ever since him I'm just not the same.
Bearing teeth and fur to breathe in,
drawing blood but sleeping by my side.

Woah oh oh oh oh Indiana.

Just wanna be right next to you,
there's no one else I'd rather talk to.
With all your cuts and scars,
making biscuits once more
on your favorite fleece I'm picking up the fur.

Woah oh oh oh oh Indiana.

I'm holding onto the feeling I get with you,
there's no one else I would rather listen to.
Woah, people just bore me.
Woah people just bore me.
Track Name: Fuck Slang
Four sides of blue wall never felt so far
Who knew it fit us so well
Oh hell, now it’s gone

And we’ll do it all again
To be touched by another
And we’ll do it all again
To be touched by something else

When white bends to blue
Hanging out with a cartoon
Yeah we’ll do it all again
To be touched by something else

Late youth, it won’t break us
But we’re not the only ones
Late youth, splitting skin
just for the sake of holding on

It feels right to pick a fight sometimes
It feels right to take my clothes off

Never thought it was right
Never thought I could do any wrong anymore
Track Name: Guts Grown Up
And i know how it’s got to be
As expected you won’t believe me
and this wall will stand comfortably
between my sheets and flesh underneath

Being bored scares me too
and it’s unlikely when we die we’ll come back as something new
fill up our weekend with a drinkable distraction
Then we both will lay down waiting seeing who might give in first

yeah I left it all left it all
left it all left it all
And i know how it's got to be,
As expected, you won’t believe me

Yeah i know that this is a part of growing up
They leave good friends for the ones that won't shut up
And now that you’re different, do you feel better
I still remember his tattoo that read “never be like you"

yeah I left it all left it all
left it all left it all
And i know how it's got to be,
As expected, you won’t believe me

my guts are growing up

my guts are growing up
This happens every now and then
I left them all behind for this
I’ll find a new place once again
I’d leave this all behind for them
Track Name: Thrashy
The screeching tires seem
like they’re ripping through the back door
It’s not like I meant to say
These things to you
Track Name: King PP
I’m killing time, without you
But what do I care
I’ve been hungover three long weeks
and the hums are getting louder
And my eyes are getting darker
It wasn’t like you to go and find somebody else
I don’t mind staying numb

I feel sick when I wake up
But now it’s night again
a wasted day where i haven’t seen the sun

I’m not, I’m not
the one who chipped your tooth
But I’ve been, I’ve been
drunk enough to want to
Track Name: 1 I Want
The one I wanted is the one you took from me.
Now that you’re gone, I don’t know what to do.
Track Name: Green Couch
Draw, I can’t draw enough to see
What’s in front of me no I can’t draw
Because if I could I would leave this town that’s sinking
We float all through the day
Just to lay awake at night

I know that you’re holding back from me
I know that’s all you said to me
I know that you’re holding back from me

I, I’ve been sleeping on the green couch
And I don’t want to anymore
I’ve seen it swallow people whole before
I’ve been sleeping on the green couch

It’s not enough to take from anyone
If their getting everything from someone else

So bury me into the night
So I can see the other side
Bury me into the night
‘Till your hand will slip from mine

Some people stay, some will go
What that even means I don’t even know
But by the end of time, by the end of time
I’m thinking, by the end of time
Some kids fucking say some awful things
That’s how you can tell if your friends are mean
So i’m thinking by the end of time,
By the end of time, by the end of time,
Party all the time
Track Name: Pound Pit
Sun’s come up and I feel vacant inside
Stalling time, lightweight, and hungry
Making mistakes, finding the humor in trying
Lay in bed, and tend to worry
Void of warmth without the knack for lying

I can feel it, ya you know I’m scared
Crossing that line
Talking about breaking walls

So sedative, quite dishonest

You touch me oh my god
But gave her all you’ve got
You touch me oh my god
But gave her all you’ve got

And I’ll be alright
Still possibly the best night of my life
And when it’s over, I’ll know I was just the other one.
Track Name: If-Else-If
And my body’s failing
My lungs are tired
But I’ll never change
I know that I should give it a rest
But I’ll never change

Not on just the weekend
I’ve got to sleep away the headache
At least there’s someone in my bed
Breaking plans over bad habits
I write the excuses in my head

They ask “how does it feel to be a bummer?”
I don’t care though
I know i’m just wasting time

I get my good luck in ounces
that help me celebrate the mundane

We ought to run, we ought

I keep making the same mistakes
Stay stuck in the same place
I’ve been here for too long
I’m sorry but I’m not so it’s all good

All my worries are good times